Real Estate Services With No Surprises

There is always risk in buying and selling property.

Although people trust real estate agents to competently complete transactions, they are not the best resources for minimizing the accompanying financial and legal risk. Real estate agents make their money by completing transactions, not by preventing or solving problems. Only an experienced real estate lawyer can ensure that a real estate transaction is airtight and that it serves your needs.

Contracts drafted by new construction builders or auction sales, such as those performed, often include hidden clauses that allow a property to be sold without tax proration or require the buyer to pay all title charges. These clauses provide financial reward to the owners of the property. If you are a buyer, these surprises can cost you thousands of dollars.

At Linda Bal & Associates, we help both residential and commercial clients to buy and sell properties, as well as complete all necessary legal steps along the way. Our experienced Naperville real estate lawyer, Linda Bal, has more than 25 years of legal experience relating to real estate transactions.

If you live in Chicago, DuPage County or a surrounding community, or you intend to transact property here, she can review your purchase or sale contract, advise you on your legal options, and ensure that your transaction occurs smoothly, legally and with absolutely no surprises.

Managing Your Real Estate Transaction From Start To Finish

Whether you are buying or selling a residential property, commercial property or a property for development, our attorneys can guide you through the complexities safely. We strive to protect our clients’ interests in both simple and complex real estate matters, including:

  • Closings
  • Residential real estate sales and leasing
  • Commercial real estate sales and leasing
  • New construction property purchases
  • Auctions
  • Short sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Real estate contract review

Scared Of Foreclosure? A Bankruptcy Could Save Your Home.

In recent years, thousands of Illinois residents have lost their homes, or become trapped in “underwater” mortgage arrangements that make it difficult for them to recover value from their real estate investments.

Our attorneys are highly experienced in consumer bankruptcy, and we have helped many indebted clients to reduce or eliminate their debts while shedding extra mortgages, credit card debts, and other encumbrances to financial health. We can help you avoid foreclosure while restoring your financial health.

We Promise Clear Communication

One of the biggest complaints about attorneys is that they don’t have time for their clients. Not so at Linda Bal & Associates. We take the time to meet with our clients, listen to their concerns, evaluate their circumstances, and propose options tailored to fit their needs. If you don’t understand something, just ask! We promise to provide a clear explanation in non-legal language that you will understand. Our willingness to bend to the needs of our real estate clients is one reason they return to us year after year.

Our fees are competitive and our service is friendly. Since our goal is to solve your problem, and not just to provide legal services, we can put you in contact with specialists, including carpenters, plumbers and other trades people who can perform any needed repairs to your property.

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